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Thursday, August 03, 2006 

Simple Encryption and Decryption with Cypher class

Many times, infact i would say, in almost all our application we need to deal with data security. Whether we are dealing with querystrings, passwords, social security numbers or other secure data, we require a mechanism through which we can cipher the readable text into complex code. .Net provides many classes to achive highest levels of encryption, but how many of you are actually using them in all your application? Reason, Its complex to implement. Right?

To simplify this problem i have created a class: Cypher that help you to achive encryption and decryption in a simple manner. Following code demonstrate how to do that with Cypher class.

//To do Encryption
Cypher encryptor = new Cypher(Key);
Result = encryptor.Encrypt(MainString);

//To do Decryption
Cypher decryptor = new Cypher(Key);
Result = decryptor.Decrypt(MainString);

Encryptor is a sample application that demonstrate how to utilize Cypher class.

Encryptor Application : http://www.technobits.net/tb/archives/encryptor.zip
Cypher Source : http://www.technobits.net/tb/archives/cypher.zip

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